It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of the first quarter of the year.

We have been busy doing projects throughout the state already this year, and don’t foresee the demand ending anytime soon. On top of that, we have put together an aggressive training plan for our technicians to keep up with their skills. Each of our technicians has been given goals of specific skill sets that they need to be certified in by year end. So far, we have made good progress by sending our technicians to several certification training sessions throughout the US.

One thing that everyone can always count on is change. Unless you evolve with change, you are falling behind. The farther you are behind, the harder it is to catch up. At NRG Technology Services, we feel it is a good idea for every organization to keep up on their skills in their specialized fields to remain competitive and provide the best service possible.

Steve Kelsch
Vice President
NRG Technology Services

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