Tis the season!

Here we are in the final month of the year and we are probably the busiest we have ever been with new projects and new endeavors. It seems, like in most years, people have waited until the end of the year to order equipment and complete their projects. It is a great problem to have.

One of the new initiatives we have taken on is a Time and Attendance system called Kronos. We currently have two customers who have signed up for the program, and about ten more who want demonstrations of the software and how it can help their county or business. It has been a great process in learning just how much need there is out there to get employees off of their manual paper systems and onto a digital system that ties in with their existing payroll software. Time will tell, but I feel this is something that will really benefit those entities who try it.

Enough talk about business. A heart-felt thanks from me and the NRG staff goes out to all of you for the business this past year, and we wish you all health and prosperity in 2014.

Happy Holidays!

Steve Kelsch
NRG Vice President

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