Summer is here!

Each season brings new issues and the things we are working on now continue to be the hallmark of our business. Upgrading servers so that our customers do not risk downtime, enhancing networks so our customers have continued connectivity to all offices, and updating desktop PC’s so that our customers stay up-to-date with new software, operating systems and hardware.

How do I Protect My Organization If My In-House Computer Expert Quits?

It’s an important question that most organizations don’t think about. Most organizations think it would be a temporary inconvenience when to lose their IT person when, in fact, usually the opposite is true.

Ask yourself the following 6 questions:

1. Do you have written documentation about your computer network? Think about what software licenses you own, critical usernames and passwords for your network, what hardware do you own and when warranties expire, what 3rd party vendors you work with and what is their contact information? NEVER allow a single IT person keep this information under their full control.

Tis the season!

Here we are in the final month of the year and we are probably the busiest we have ever been with new projects and new endeavors. It seems, like in most years, people have waited until the end of the year to order equipment and complete their projects. It is a great problem to have.

New Fall Offerings

The kids are back in school and their parents’ lives just got busier. I hope you were able to squeeze every last bit of summer out of the year and checked off everything on your bucket list!

NRG had their bi-annual board meeting last week and we were able to inform the board of several new offerings we now provide.

Big changes drive NRG forward

Welcome to our fall edition of the newsletter. We have had a busy quarter with a lot of changes at NRG. Most notably, Chris Brown has resigned from his position as Vice President of the company to pursue other interests. Steve Kelsch has been assigned to take over that position as the lead manager for NRG. We have also been fortunate enough to hire two new technicians for our company—Glen Boepple and David Weiand.

Welcome to the summer edition of the NRG newsletter!

You may have noticed this newsletter looks a bit different than the past newsletters. That is because we have updated both our website and newsletters. Check out our new website at There you can find out more about the services NRG offers, create a service request, read about the latest happenings in technology at the blog, or check out some of the whitepapers on various technology topics.