Additional Layers of Security – Internet usage and access

Additional Layers of Security – Internet usage and access

It is a fact; we are clobbering the internet. It seems like my family is always logged on listening to or watching something. Have you ever wondered if all this extra activity was safe?

No surprise, it is not safe, and an additional layer of security should be considered to address the “always-on” status of the internet. This layer is called DNS Security (Domain Name System). This is what the internet uses to translate our website searches into IP address – it is like the phonebook for the internet.

If you work with NRG as a client, you already have a vital layer of security known as Endpoint Security. The Endpoint Security that we provide is business grade Anti-Virus, Anti-malware and email filtering that protects the devices connected to your network (computer, phone, switches, routers).

DNS Security is the layer to address our increase in network activity and internet traffic. It controls internet usage and prevents everyday browsing from becoming a bigger security risk than it already is. A scan of the entire internet is done at least 3 times per day to block any internet request to a suspicious or malicious address automatically and accurately. DNS Protection can prevent 88% of internet-borne malware.

For a trial and next steps information: Please contact NRG at 701-250-9400. No on-site hardware to install. This cloud-based network security layer takes just a few minutes to set up and a free 30-day trial is possible.

Written by:
Sarah Nelson
Business Development
NRG Technology Services.