Why is it important for small business owners to take steps to protect their IT information and features?

In most businesses, if their network goes down, they are dead in the water. They end up paying employees to do nothing or work at a drastically reduced level of productivity. It is very important to think about business continuity when planning your infrastructure—in other words, how will your business function in the event of an outage? You have to think about what you would do if your server goes down, and have a backup plan in place.

Solutions are available at reasonable prices that not only act as a backup server if the main server goes down, but also offer a backup and disaster recovery solution. Solutions like this store snapshots of your server to a local device and also copy these snapshots to an offsite cloud storage location. With this type of device, if the entire building burns down, your server can be spun up in the cloud, and your users can access data like they normally do from anywhere that has an internet connection. Worst case scenario, you could have your users work from home to keep the business running.

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Steve Kelsch
Vice President
NRG Technology Services