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In fiscal year 2013, the Wage and Hour Division recovered nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in back wages for workers whose employers improperly denied them pay they had earned. In addition, the Presidents’s FY 14 budget included $3.4 million for increased enforcement of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Is your organization handling wage and hour conditions correctly or could it be one of the vast majority of employers that are out of compliance with wage and hour regulations.

NRG Technology has been selling and implementing KRONOS time and attendance systems for the past two years. KRONOS is the largest and most recognized work time keeping system in the country.

Here are a few questions you need to answer:

  • Do you have accurate, up-to –date employee data, including historical information?
  • Are your exempt and nonexempt employees classified correctly?
  • How are you handling unapproved overtime practices? Are you paying earned overtime correctly?
  • Are you tracking meal and rest breaks in accordance with regulations?
  • When is work performed “off the clock?” Are people staying late or coming in early and not recording time?

It is nearly impossible to pay employees correctly 100% of the time with manual pay systems and thus employers become liable for complaints. To reduce risk, companies need to automate, to the extent possible, all policies for timekeeping, scheduling, tracking overtime and other employee time and pay information. Everything points to the fact that electronic timekeeping systems are wise investment.

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